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Sandra A. Landers, LCSW, CEO

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I'm Sandra Landers and the founder of Calm Matters. I'm a psychotherapist and I've been helping people like you and me, figure out how to solve problems, get tools to do/feel better and have happier lives. Calm Matters was created 14 years ago to do just that!

I’m so glad that you took action in finding support. It takes a lot of courage to reach out to anyone. It’s sometimes easier to say what and how you feel to someone you don’t know. I’m down to earth about life and the problems we all face, even those we don't generally face. So you don’t need to go it alone or worry about being judged.

My life experiences come from being a mom, partner and a citizen of the world. I was born in England but grew up in the Caribbean. I was a socially awkward teenager who read about psychology. I began to understand about my thoughts and feelings, how our minds worked and what we could do with that knowledge. At 17, I went off to university in Canada and later married my college sweetheart. After graduate school, I back packed through six European countries and learnt a lot more about what makes us tick. Since then I’ve been living in the United States for close to 30 years.

I speak English, of course, and three other languages: Spanish, French and Creole. Most people are comfortable in talking with me because I’ve lived in so many places that they can relate easily to me.  I’m pretty direct but always caring. I think it’s okay if we laugh and it’s definitely okay if you cry. Talk is cheap if it isn’t followed by constructive action so we don’t just talk, YOU DO and make positive changes. What matters to you, matters to me. So let’s get started on creating that life you want!

Talk to you soon,


“Your thoughts create your world”





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Self Pay & Insurance accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Cigna; Optum/United Behavioral Health; Medicare.

"I'm getting a handle on my world again. I feel I'm back and ready to get on with my life."

- Military Veteran, age 32

"We really were close to divorce with the cheating, the arguments so there was no trust or communication. We needed someone to help us focus on resolving the issues instead of only on the emotions. We're rebuilding our emotional contract again with each other, step by step."

- Caribbean Couple, ages 48 and 51

"It was great to have someone who was a supportive and non-judgmental listener...with suggestions that I could use."

- Canadian Businessman, age 56

"The Me got lost in raising children, being a good wife and caring for my aging parents. I learnt ways to manage my stress. These techniques and tools really helped me to think things through on my own so I cope better than I ever have!"

- American Blogger, age 29

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