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FAQ’S: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s therapy or counseling about?
    It’s a conversation with someone who’s not going to judge you but help you figure out what’s happening with you. Then we work together on what you can do to get what you want in your life.
  • How is telehealth or online counseling different from therapy in an office?
    A really great advantage to telehealth is that there’s much more flexibility in scheduling! You’ll need a stable, high speed internet connection or Wi-fi that you can access via a computer/tablet or smartphone with a built in microphone and camera. It’s still a conversation about what you want in life but it has an important difference. Telehealth uses electronic means to communicate so we become partners in keeping these conversations confidential.
  • How does it work or what’s the process?
    Our first conversation is to talk about what you expect from this so that you get the most out of our time. It might be to figure out what you’d like to get out of coming, whether it’s to identify, solve or work it out. Then we sketch out “a road map” of where we need to go to get there.
  • Can appointments be scheduled for my convenience?
    Appointments are usually once a week so that you get enough time in between appointments to think about what we talked about and work with the tools you learn. At times of emergency, more frequent appointments may be scheduled.
  • Do you speak my language: Spanish, French or Creole?"
    Yes we do speak and understand all three languages as well as English. We’re also comfortable with and accepting of different cultures and values having grown up in an environment with different races, cultures and languages.
  • What are your credentials?
    We are licensed by the state to provide clinical psychotherapy. Our therapists and coaches have undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our founder’s undergraduate degree and graduate degrees are from the University of Western Ontario and University of Toronto respectively.
  • How long have you been counseling people?
    We have more than 20 years of experience in counseling individuals, couples, seniors, families, and groups of all ages except very young children. We’ve helped clients who had issues with depression, anxiety, anger management, self-confidence, conflict, job stress, substance addiction, grief and loss and post-traumatic stress just to name a few.
  • Do you have a particular style or approach in counseling?
    A therapist may specialize in a particular therapeutic approach. Many use what’s known in our field as a cognitive-behavioral approach. It’s a way of helping you look at how you’re thinking about your problems and how those thoughts influence your feelings, reactions and behavior to issues, people or situations in your life. Then you leave with specific tools or ways of managing things so that it’s workable for you!
  • Will I need to find a different PCP, psychiatrist or nurse practitioner to get my medication if I come to you for therapy?"
    Not at all. We’re all working toward your better health but our training and avenues to getting there are different. Your insurance will cover and pay for each service as long as the appointments are not on the same day. Also, any or all these providers can be given progress reports to assist in your care if you provide permission.
  • How much does it cost?
    Many insurances have begun to cover telehealth services, for example Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Optum/UBH and Tricare. You may call your Member/Customer Services number on the back of your insurance card to check if your specific plan covers counseling via Telehealth. Otherwise, prior to each session, Self-Payments can be made via PayPal or via the Client Portal with Stripe or your Credit Card. Costs are dependent on the time allotted for your session.
  • When should I make an appointment?
    How about right now? Nothing changes, if YOU change nothing! MAKE AN APPOINTMENT

Here's where you find out a little more about what we do and how we do it, for you...

What's Life Coaching and how is it different from counseling?

It’s guidance with direction about what’s next from an objective source, your coach. You discuss possible obstacles to your personal and professional goals and develop a plan of action structured to your needs. There are time limited tasks for you to complete with an agreement of accountability between you and your coach.


Sometimes, successes in therapy can serve as a successful launch pad for success in Life Coaching. It’s different from therapy since the focus is not to explore emotionally based issues from the past but take concrete, sequential steps to your future success.


Nothing changes, if YOU change nothing!

Self Pay & Insurance accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Cigna; Optum/United Behavioral Health; Medicare.

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