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Make the Change that Matters

Life Coaching
Through Life Stages and Changes

College / Career Advancement / Celebrity / Retirement

A directive, time limited discussion:

  • Obtain clarity about obstacles to future personal and career goals.

  • Develop an action-oriented plan.

  • Create structure with specific tasks and strategies.

  • Fuel your motivation to succeed through built in accountability and to- the- point feedback!

Individual counseling for stress and anxiety

Individual Counseling

A one to one, supportive, non-judgmental conversation:


  • Identify the issue and assess why it is an issue.

  • Decide the next steps to work on.

  • Examine your thoughts and their influence on your behavior using a cognitive-behavioral, therapeutic (CBT) approach.

Get specific tools or ways of managing issues that work!

Marital or Couples Counseling

A neutral exchange to support a dialogue between equals:

  • Have a space to be listened to and heard.

  • Get and practice conflict resolution tools.

  • Gain greater understanding and mutual respect.

  • Clarify and express individual needs and wishes with therapeutic tasks.

  • Determine a shared, ultimate goal through homework exercises.

Marital counseling and couples counseling online
Employee Assistance Program for counseling and therapy online

Employee Assistance Program [EAP]

Why partner with Calm Matters, LLC?

Each employee, self-referred or supervisor referred is a person first; a client, second.

Successful partnering for more than a decade with numerous EAP’s: 

The Allen Group

Corporate Care Works

Ciminero & Associates

 N. Broward Health District

Horizon Health

Managed Care Concepts

Workplace Solutions

McLaughlin Group

Compsych International

Preferred Providers Coalition

30 plus years of experience in psychotherapeutic settings provides:

  • Assessment of employee work/life issues: stress, drug and alcohol addiction, anger management, family stressors, grief, anxiety and depression

  • Behavioral treatment plans

  • Conflict resolution and crisis intervention

  • Solution focused, brief therapy

  • Clear, realistic and comprehensive goals 

Proven strategies bring effective outcomes:

  • Increased employee job satisfaction

  • Improved punctuality, performance and productivity

  • Reduced retention costs

  • Coordinated resource and referral with HR departments

& More...

Court Evaluations.

Bariatric Assessments.

Corporate & Community Wellness Seminars.

Case Documentation Training.

Supervision for State Licensure.

Counseling, supervision and training
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