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Order In!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

I read recently: Embrace the chaos! The words were scary at first like stuff on the news; health and individual rights, climate changes, the work/life balance that seems to escape us.

Maybe it’s about creating harmony by staying centered. How?

Allow ourselves to recognize the great and not so great parts of ourselves.

Then work with both those parts to bring a sense of balance inside and to bring out a sense of order to our personal and professional worlds.

What does this look like?

Find some action when you wake up to CALM the mind. Give yourself time to sit with your thoughts. Maybe it’s lying with your eyes closed while taking a few deep breaths; silently drinking your coffee; tending to your house plants or walking the dog. It gives the brain PAUSE, like wiping a board clean before writing down the ingredients of your day.

Today's Special: A serving of Calm

It works even better if you didn’t sleep well last night.

CHOOSE one goal for the day. But let it be a goal which brings you satisfaction or moves you forward in some way.

I'd sometimes make a personal call, pay a bill or send a text in the first hour of sitting at my desk. It would reinforce the mental message that I come first in my world, no matter what else was going on.

INVEST in a compliment to someone, whether it’s someone riding the elevator with you or the bagger at the grocery store.

It’ll always pay off by reminding you of your own good qualities; generous, considerate, observant. The return on that investment is the smile, thanks and the attention of the recipient as they see YOU in a good light.

EMBRACE the chaos of the mind, your home and at the office. Embrace it all; each moment. Then let it go. Life’s short, we know this, as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11. We know this, as we review the past year of worldwide Covid related losses. Every day is a second chance. Grab hold of TODAY! Serve yourself up a huge order of CALM to GO!


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