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Stepping into Next!

I don’t think of the start of the calendar year as my new year!

Instead, I celebrate my birthday as the beginning of a new year for me.

Imagine if your birthday was last July. You’d still have six months of your new year to craft your life the way you wanted!

You and I could take stock of where we are in our life, decide if it needs tweaking then forge ahead with the next step. Have you ever noticed that as you take a step forward, the other foot naturally positions itself to rise into the next step? You step, Life follows.

Life really is a one-step-at-a-time process.

So why get stuck moping about what wasn’t done and how you failed etc. etc.? We can’t move forward, looking back. It’s physically impossible to do.

But sometimes, we get stuck between The Now and The Then.

It may be because we are afraid of making a mistake [again],

afraid to let go of The Then,

unsure of what to bring with us on the journey

or even what our destination will be.

This is why a new year really begins with a celebration of one’s birthday. A celebration is never about regret or loss or failure.

When it’s a celebration, there are gifts to be received. We can give ourselves gifts of Wisdom from the past, Forgiveness of mistakes, Confidence, Anticipation and Creativity. Feel free to give yourself as many gifts as you’d like 😉

Leave the resolutions behind. Just take a step out into the world with the innocence of genuine Hope.

Our new year is then all about Life, Birth [or rebirth], New Beginnings…. and room to grow into our Dreams.

Happy [ Belated] Birthday to you! Happy New Year of Life to us!

What will You bring to your party this year?


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