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Escaping the Blues Zone

The holidays are here! We anticipate the closeness of family and friendship, of shared gifts and cheery greetings. But there are many ways the holidays can make our brown eyes, blue.

Unmet Expectations

Avoid that sinkhole called disappointment by keeping expectations real. During the holidays, we tend to forget that the everyday things still matter. Release feelings of not measuring up. Keeping up with the ordinary will keep us grounded versus keeping up with the Joneses.

Hallmark and Lifetime movies may push romance, but we can choose not to jumpstart intimacy or push the pedal on commitment just to fit a picture of the happy couple. Remind ourselves that each moment, not just one holiday makes up the fabric of our lives.

Blowing our Budgets

Giving and receiving can take many forms. Living in the now doesn’t mean you have to pay later. Give to yourself first, stashing money in a savings account for every gift you buy. Giving to others through our time, treasure or talent can set our minds right about how much we truly have.

Mismanaging our Emotional Management

If we’re unhappy with our weight or our life, take small steps towards our goal. Avoid future guilt and cut portions but eat what we want. Take life on with the courage of our convictions, not from the bottom of a bottle or burying our feelings in a plate.

Stirred up Family Issues

There’s so much to give that won’t need returning. Accept others for who they are including ourselves. Give family members the freedom to be or be by themselves vs fitting them into a canister labelled Family. Keep loneliness at bay by creating our sense of family from the ingredients of friends, sorority/fraternity, neighbors or churchgoers.


It's unfortunately a part of life and much more so in the recent past; loss of health, loved ones, relationships, jobs or our sense of security and mutual trust. A loss generally leaves us feeling isolated in our grief, anger, hopelessness and helplessness and stuck in our head. Keep reaching out even when you feel most alone because there’s always someone who can relate. Find non-judgmental support from a therapist.

Mental/ Physical Exhaustion and Stress

The Grinch's name is Work, working to afford, prepare for and get through the holidays; stealing our joy.

The best gifts we can give are the gifts which can’t be bought.

Wrap ourselves up in comfort and joy: ease up on our expectations, focus on our achievements, zoom out from social media, color our day with good thoughts, surround ourselves with supportive people or just make time for ourselves.

Enjoy the holidays and enter refreshed and ready into next year on our journey to the Happy-Me zone!


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