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The Boulder called Self

We often do ourselves the injustice of believing that we can separate our physical well-being from our mental well-being/health.

There's a saying: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”? That “willpower” comes from our mind which helps us formulate action and decisions. The mind directs, the body follows. We tell ourselves: "I can't take a day off from work. I've got to check in with the office when I'm off. I've got to clean the house after work when everyone's asleep." By mentally pushing through the signals my body sends me [ tired, listless, achy, sleep deprived], I might believe that I can keep doing so indefinitely. Wrong. What follows is my mind pushing a boulder called Self up a steep hill, chanting “The little engine that could!”

This boulder gets heavier as it collects the rocks of poor Morale/ lack of enthusiasm

+ Presenteeism/ decreased focus, concentration

+ Absenteeism/ missing the mark, not committed

+ Burnout/ reduced effort and emotional exhaustion

= poor Quality and Quantity of work


poor Quality of Life.

The basis of all this overachievement is Fear.

It’s fear of loss, failure, of not being enough; of not letting others down and the list goes on. That boulder of overachievement ends up rolling over us and showing up in self doubt, self criticism and lowered self esteem and confidence. If we do succeed in getting that boulder up and over that steep hill of self expectation, we find we have little to give back to ourselves or others.

It really doesn’t matter if we’re working from/at home or office, or on our personal or business affairs, the COST over time, will be poor physical as well as mental health. Good physical health supports good mental health and without good mental health, you’re stuck halfway up or sliding down the hill of self expectation.


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