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The Train

There are always going to be beginnings and endings in life and they sometimes follow each other like subway cars on a line.

Beginnings that look like a new job, baby or love interest are those we don't mind and the endings are the things we'd prefer to avoid.

The in-between space, between a beginning and an ending can seem a very long time but for many of us we'd rather have things stay just the same. Would it be better if we stopped anticipating the end or wishing back to the beginning and instead just play in the now, like a child fascinated with a new toy?

We don't do that and instead we complain about what's lost or fight against what is or just give up trying. Many of us crawl through or frantically overload our lives and end up with what I call, Motivation-less Inertia. We've all lacked motivation at some point or another. Oxford Languages describes inertia as " a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged". It's what's happening to our children as their video playing addiction has their brains' neurons firing in one direction and at one speed. It's what's happening to the working moms/dads, as we use our Dairy Queen or Starbucks pacifiers to get us through our same old, daily routines.

Yet every year, even last year, we can look back at our lives and if we look closely enough, we'll see our ability to adapt, even grow beyond our expectations! Yes, there's loss, even pain as we move through the million and one changes that Life, by its very definition of continual change, demands. But don't you think that the pain, the work, the challenge really comes from our resistance to letting go the past, even the recent past, to releasing the fear of looking ahead and our resistance to live in each moment? Don't you think that our resistance really is about the fact we've gotten onboard the wrong train to begin with? Really, we're the ones who drive that train of thought, where it goes, what it carries [ or not] and where it ends up; our destination. At anytime, we can put a stop to that train and reroute with our ticket to an exciting place called New. A place to visit, language to learn, food to taste, book to read, sport to conquer, sunrise to savor, all New.

All Aboard!


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