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Put The "I" into Drive!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

EMBRACE the chaos of the mind, your home and at work. Embrace it all; each moment. Then let it go. Leave last year's blues behind you. Avoid that sinkhole called disappointment by keeping expectations real.

We can't change the past and the future isn't formed yet. But we can tinker with our present and begin shaping what's ahead. Every day is a second chance!

CHOOSE one goal for the day. The new year gives us a wide open playing field to advance our dreams, hopes and desires and potentially score a successful touchdown. Don't just run plays and pass on getting balance in your life through good sleep, nutrition and exercise. You might find yourself pushing a boulder called Self up a steep hill, chanting “The little engine that could!” See your accomplishments for what they are; an extension of your ambition not an extension of you.

Start your day, your year, your life Right! Did you wake up having gotten on board the wrong train this morning? Really, you're the one who drives that train of thought, where it goes, what it carries [ or not] and where it ends up; your destination. At anytime, put a stop to that train, reroute your ticket to a positive destination called New. Peace in; Peace out!

Find some action when you wake up to CALM the mind. It gives the brain PAUSE, like wiping a menu board clean before writing down the ingredients for your day. Grab hold of TODAY! Serve yourself up a huge order of CALM to GO!

Make every moment be yours to shine a spotlight on the Best in you. Forget the little voice that says if we love ourselves, we are selfish and self-centered. Whitney Houston’s soul stirring song reminds us that:

“Learning to love yourself

It is the greatest love of all”

Keep living into your greatness!

Use that fuel named desire for more and better in your life. Remember that if you’re stuck at the traffic lights of Self-Doubt and Self-Criticism, it’ll keep you in Park versus Drive mode.

The “I” is the key in the ignition, the one word that starts everything up….and keeps it moving!

Grab hold of your dreams and goals! Power up your imagination and courage.

Put the “I” into Drive! Vroom! Vroom!


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